With our full crew of installers, our specialty techniques and our state of the art install facility, we are primed and ready to transform your fleet in record time. And don't worry if you don't have the wrap designed yet. Our in house designers can create a branded wrap that will work on all of your vehicles. 


Leaving your ATV stock and unwrapped is like showing up to an exclusive party and discovering that everyone is wearing the exact same sweater as you. We make sure that doesn't happen by custom designing a wrap tailored to your personality. Our wraps for JL Audio and EZ LYNK have torn up Glamis, so yeah, we know a thing or two about making you stand out.


The quality and design of your Food Truck wrap is the difference between coming across as a grungy, hole in the wall joint vs. a five star restaurant! We don't just wrap trucks, we design them to make people crave the food inside. What will you do? Get lost in the traffic jam or stand out like an exotic supercar?



Transform your brand and your reputation with our innovative vehicle wrap design and execution. In the same way that uniforms make a bold statement of unity, a vehicle wrap makes a powerful statement of identity. By taking your brand and having The Brand Smith Co. design it onto a mobile platform, you turn an object of simple transportation into a means of customer acquisition.

In addition to building a unified identity, a vehicle wrap adds validity to your company. In the same way that a website and business cards help to make a company official and appear professional, our vehicle wraps help you declare that you are not a small player, but a heavy hitter. Our v
ehicle wraps are designed to maximize advertising space, establish credibility and impact your community. With The Brand Smith Co. no project is too small or too large. We service everyone from a new business with their first vehicle wrap – all the way to the major fleets of 100+ vehicle wraps. We offer full packages that include working with our design team and wrapping the vehicle. Honestly, it's not if you can afford it, but that you can't afford not to do it. View our Vehicle Wrap Gallery.

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